Changing User Experience Costs Twitter

When Twitter was younger… just a few years ago… sharing a link offered follow-up comments and questions from people who actually read what you shared. If you tweeted a question, others would respond with help or insights.

But the onslaught of bots has decreased the user experience. They don’t tweet back. They spam. Bots make up 3-7% of Twitter users, but they produce many times that amount of Tweets—in some cases up to 33% of the Tweets on a topic.

As a result of the automation and fake accounts, Twitter is losing share value ($4 billion in 2014) as real-person users become increasingly dissatisfied.


BotAlert technology can turn things around. As soon as a bot comes online, BotAlert can search for its non-human patterns and mark it as a bot. BotAlert can help Twitter and other social media, commenting, and review services keep ahead of the bots that misinform, skew statistics and reduce user satisfaction.

BotAlert is:

  • Adaptive
  • Fully automated
  • Free from any need for supervised training to operate
  • Effective regardless of language used
  • Adept at finding bots in real time, soon after they appear
  • 100 times more effective than existing programs

Using BotAlert is a way to improve trustworthiness and reliability. It can significantly reduce bot activity that is unethical and illegal. It can help Twitter and other social media, commenting and review services stay current, improve market share and keep customer loyalty.

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